Who We Are

The University Percussion Ensemble has been in existence since the establishment of the university at the uptown campus. Our membership is made up of UAlbany students --- both those registered for credit in the course and those who participate in the ensemble as an extra-curricular activity --- and often members of the community at large. The size of the group has ranged from 5 to about 14 and includes people of diverse skills and talent level. Formed as an indispensable part of the educational curriculum for percussion performance majors, the ensemble equally well serves the needs of the non-major percussionist, who may have been part of a high school band or ensemble and wishes to continue playing music as he/she pursues a career in other directions.

What we all have in common is that we like to play music. The Percussion Ensemble allows interested players to develop their skills on a wide variety of percussion instruments and to be exposed to an exciting and diverse genre of music in which "drummers" are the central element, rather than a fringe component relegated to the back of the stage. The individual parts are usually sufficiently diverse that players of differing abilities and unequal skills can work creatively together, each contributing what he/she can without having to compromise musical integrity. And of course, coaching is always available. So who are we?

We are a small community of people of varying skills, who share a common interest in playing percussion music, and like to get together a couple of times a week in an organized setting and do just that.

All pictures and disigns by Adam Stoddard All text author by Richard Albagli

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