Music Library

The Charles and Margaret Stokes Music Resources Library, located in room 306 of the Performing Arts Center Building, holds approximately 1,500 compact discs as well as over 2,500 copies of orchestral, chamber, vocal, and instrumental scores.

An important part of the closed stack collection consists of multiple copies of scores used in music theory and music history classes as well as opera libretti and operatic VHS tapes and DVDs.

The Music Resources Library keeps copies of periodicals including Classical Singer, Latin American Music Review, Journal of the Conductors Guild, and American Music.

It also maintains LP, cassette, and CD playback equipment; VHS and DVD playback and recording equipment; as well as Macintosh computers equipped with PRACTICA MUSICA ear-training software and FINALE notation software. The equipment is used mainly for the benefit of students in the Music Theory and Electronic Music & Media programs.

The mission of the Music Resources Library is to serve as a teaching resource for the Music Theory, Music History, and Electronic Music & Media programs, for both its students and its teaching staff. It also serves as a resource for Performance Majors–primarily pianists, vocalists, and conductors.Music Library

Ellen J. Burns is our Music Librarian. When not shelving books or cataloging CDs and scores, Dr. Burns is actively engaged in research and teaching. She can be reached at (518) 442-4185 or