About the Group

The UAlbany Chamber Singers is a select group of dedicated students from a variety of majors and backgrounds, including but not limited to music majors. The Chamber Singers are accomplished performers of a cappella music and accompanied music. Their repertory spans a wide range of compositional styles and musical periods, from music of the 15th century to pieces written within the last year. The group's strong interest in music around the world has resulted in performances of compositions from six continents, from such diverse countries as Japan, China, Australia, Iran, Bulgaria, India, Serbia, Bosnia, Georgia, Macedonia, Persia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Samoa, Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Costa Rica, the Caribbean, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Ecuador, Venezuela, Jamaica, Mexico, Israel, Russia, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Latvia, the United States, Canada, and all of the countries of western Europe.

The Chamber Singers are very active both at the University and in the community, performing several times monthly. In addition to regular concerts, the Chamber Singers perform at campus events, area retirement centers, church services, and business and civic events. The group has made a number of international tours, including England and Wales; Ireland; Italy; Austria, Germany, and Hungary; Costa Rica, Spain, and southern France. The group has made six CDs, including one of their 1998 tour of Italy; the 2002 tour of Ireland; My Gentle Harp: Choral Folksongs of Ireland; Around the World with the UA Chamber Singers; and Christmas and Hanukkah with the Chamber Singers.