Auditions for the Chamber Singers are usually held on the day before classes begin each semester (unless the first day falls on a Monday) and at the first class meeting (see class schedule, MUS 287, two credits). Chances of being accepted into Chamber Singers are better if you audition in advance rather than at the first class meeting, when that is possible. Look for signs in the basement of the Performing Arts Center (PAC) just before classes begin.

You do not need to prepare anything for the audition, but you must come vocally warmed up. The audition consists of vocalizing up and down the scale to test your range, some sight-reading while accompanied by the piano, and singing "My Country, 'Tis of Thee." The audition lasts about seven minutes and is quite painless! But you must be able to read music.

If this audition seems too difficult, you should consider joining the University Chorale, which has NO audition. It is MUS 187, carries one credit, and meets T/Th 4:15-5:35 in the same place. If you take both Chorale and Chamber Singers, it's the equivalent of a three-credit course! Chamber Singers may be repeated for credit.

Contact Information
Director Michael Pfitzer

Choral Assistant Tony Leva
Office: PAC B-81
Phone: (518) 442-4173