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Return of the Experiment

The Return of the Experiment, 1994
acrylic on canvas
Collection: KeyBank

Visions of New York State:  The Historical Paintings of L. F. Tantillo

September 7 through November 3, 1996

University Art Museum Fine Arts Building University at Albany

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Visions of New York State: The Historical Paintings of L.F. Tantillo
published by Shawangunk Press. 1996
152 pages. 28 color photos, 77 b/w pages. $37.50 paperbound
Introduction by Warren Roberts, Ph.D. Available in the museum.

Exhibition text cover.

The Trading House, 1615

    The Trading House, 1615

Winter in the Valley of the Mohawk (1625) Winter in the Valley of the Mohawks

Fort Orange, 1635

    Fort Orange, 1635

Voyage of the Experiment (1786)

    Voyage of the Experiment

Quay Street Quay Street (1813)

Schenectady Harbor, 1814 Schenectady Harbor, 1814
Buffalo Harbor, 1847

    Buffalo Harbor, 1847

Steamboat Square (1852)

    Steamboat Square

The City of Albany, N.Y.

    The City Of Albany, N.Y. (1868)

Union Depot, 1879

    Union Depot, 1879

Engine 999

    Engine 999 (1893)

The Ticket Office (1910)

    The Ticket Office

The Whiskey Boat

    The Whiskey Boat (1933)

Washington Street, Syracuse, N.Y. (1933)

    Washington Street, Syracuse, N.Y.