Here are some of what visitorís to Visions of New York State: The Historical Paintings of L. F. Tantillo had to say:

John F. O'Neill Albany, N. Y.
"A wonderful experience of seeing the past recreated in such detail."

Sara S. Kaufman & Eli Backer Albany, N. Y.
"Fantastic realismÖ"

Jim Rubino Student
"Excellent history lesson. Great light effects for acrylic."

Ray & Connie Baker Newark, N. Y.
"Fascinating. I enjoy reading the historical backgrounds."

Joan Hahn Nassau, N. Y.
"An extraordinary exhibit. We are in the presence of a great new American artist. Congratulations, Leonard!"

John Kirwin Albany, N. Y. Continuing Education Student
"Intriguing works and a great view of our past- many thanks for undertaking this project."

J. Michael Queen Richmondville, N. Y. Researcher
"Some brilliant work- could have benefited by a displayed bio of the artist, his history, etc. as well as by a chronological order."

Jean Egan Bennington, VT. Friend
"Beautiful- all- Oils so real- will speak of it to our artists at home."

Mr. & Mrs. George Templeton Garrisonís Landing, N. Y.
"This is a real treat for another artist."

Peggy & Earl Denton Bergen, N. Y.
"Your art is alive with emotion and realism."

Elsa de Beer Glenmont, N. Y.
"I am impressed with your scholarship, craftsmanship, and skill. The installation is also excellent. Thank you!"

M. Gibson East Greenbush, N. Y.
Your knowledge of history, [and] architecture of the era is amazing. Also your painting skill (and patience) is very impressive."

Mary E. Hannon Scotia, N. Y.
"As a native of the area- the collection has meaning for me- I enjoyed the connection of history- and art."

Catherine DíAmato Schenectady, N. Y.
"Mr. Tantillo has combined history and art to produce an impressive collection."

David D. Austin Mendon, N. Y.
"Showing excellence in painting as well as historical reference; outstanding."

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas De Lorenzo Schenectady, N. Y.
"Read about your show here in the Schenectady Gazette and Times Union- very beautiful exhibit."

Henry Pellerin East Greenbush, N. Y.
"The Times Union article said about your work, "But is it Art?" They said the same thing about Norman Rockwell, rejoice, youíre in good company."

Peter & Helen Sheridan
"Breathtaking! Loved the glow of the fires, moonlight, historical perspective, exhausting research! Bravo!""

B. Catz Slingerlands, N. Y.
"We have a home full of Tantillo prints, which Iíll now view with a fresh eye. I now appreciate the time, effort, and skill that the artist puts into each work- what commitment!"

Robert & Amelia Andersen Westerlo, N. Y.
"Whoever said this is not art is blind. We are very pleased with the exhibit!!"

Frank Rogler Delmar, N. Y. Staff
"Outstanding, nice job, the best I [have] seen about New York in a long time."

Jay Holcomb Greenfield Center, N. Y.
"Thoroughly enjoying your work- your research deserves great respect and your artistry is delightful- very informativeÖ"

Keith & Glenis Ratcliff Albany, N. Y. Faculty
"Arouses your interest in the history of your home. We enjoyed it enormously."

Alice Hotchkiss Loudonville
"Wonderful pictures, great research- I feel [like] Iíve been walking the streets of Old Albany. Thanks."

M. E. Grenander E. Berne, N. Y. Professor Emeritus, UAlbany
"A fascinating retrospective of Albanyís history. Thanks for a great show."

Theodore P. Wright, Jr. Latham, N. Y. Professor Emeritus, Political Science, UAlbany
"As vice president of the Dutch Settlerís Society of Albany, it is extremely interesting to see the reconstruction of the Dutch period (Beverwyck) of Albany."

Paul Gecewicz Albany, N. Y.
"My lifelong interest in history, especially local and art, feel right at home. It is not only beautiful but so familiar."

John I. Mesick Schodack Landing, N. Y.
"The work is a testament to what can be achieved when you follow your dream."

Ingrid Peters Robinson Albany, N. Y. Faculty
"This is one of the most beautiful exhibits I have ever seen. Thank you!"

Allan H. Butler Cobleskill, N. Y. Staff
"I have never enjoyed an exhibit here at the University as much as this- great theme- great job!"

Bruce Lorence Albany, N. Y. Alumnus, ë70
"Big, big improvement over exhibits at University...[in] the last [two to three] years."

Karen Markoe SUNY Maritime College Professor of History
"We hope to be the winter home of the re-created Experiment!"

Jeff Lash N. Y.
"What a show! It should travel to other museums in the state."

Eric Schnitzer Rotterdam Junction, N. Y. Student
"Extraordinary artwork done using fine themes of local history- a decisive combination."

Jan Coles Slingerlands, N. Y.
"What an exciting walk through [New Yorkís] early history."

Bari Falese Roselle Park, NJ. Alumnus
"Excellent presentation as well as an opportunity to see work which inspires so much controversy- a topic for all museums to consider!"

Tiffany Anderson Albany, N. Y. Student
"Very interesting use of light and dark. Engine 999 from Batavia looks like many (donít take this [negatively]) cliché "Western" paintings Iíve seen from a distance, but on closer inspection it does not appear so. The boxes and the men talking provide the difference."

David M. Medlar Goshen, N. Y. Student
"Well to begin with, youíre a genius; itís simply surreal how you make certain elements jump out [with] the contrast of light and darkÖIím floored. You are a non-conforming artist, you are creating the future. Thanks."

There will be more to come.