It is a great pleasure to welcome you to the exhibition Fresh Talent: Selected Works by Art Students at SUNY Community Colleges.

This exhibition highlights so many of the rich resources of the State University of New York. First, it offers viewers a chance to encounter the work of students at the start of what we hope and expect will be long and rewarding artistic careers. Second, it allows these works to be assembled in the state's capital, where the State University of New York's headquarters and the Office of the Chancellor are located. Finally, the exhibit is also a visual tribute to the excellence of the students' superb teachers, our colleagues on the faculties of SUNY's community colleges.

I extend my congratulations to all the colleges that are represented here, institutions that offer to these young artists fruitful environments for learning. Most of all, my best wishes go to the talented students whose work comprises this exceptional exhibit. I am delighted that the University at Albany's campus and art museum can provide a showcase for these SUNY students from across the state.

Karen R. Hitchcock