Lane Twitchell has created, in the last nine years, an evocative,multivalent, and decorative oeuvre that allows for immediate pleasure as well as sustained investigation. Twitchell reconciles the visual and the non-retinal, the secular and the sacred, physical process and seamless all-at-onceness in compositions that turn a grade-school handicraft (the cut-paper snowflake) into a high-art practice. The artist interlaces American social, religious, and art histories to achieve works that are opaque and personal even as he conjures a more accessible phantasmagoric vision. Twitchell's ambitious goals are to find meaning in the world and to express experiences of the spiritual; to deal with the space of America and to redeem its suburban wasteland; to explore the relationship between painting, drawing, and sculpture and to claim a place in the modernist continuum.

Thomas Piché Jr.


(excerpt from the exhibition catalogue essay: Makings' Meaning in the Paintings of Lane Twitchell)

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