..."Resignation replaces titillation in the straight-up photographs of Larry Clark. In Untitled, 1963, he presents a cigarette-smoking girl who hides her vulnerability behind kohl-blackened eyes and Liz Taylor-like hair. By reminding us of their presence, Clark gives his disaffected subjects a place in the American social fabric; their loss is no one's gain...

..."What happens when all hope fades and the dark side of persuasion sets in? In Mary Ellen Mark's portrait Roy Cohn with the American Flag 7/1986, a casual, seemingly benign Roy Cohn languishes in an armchair holding an American flag. But forget the warm and welcoming V-neck sweater and leather mocs; look at the cocked head, tight lip, furrowed brow. The other Roy Cohn lurks here like a menacing cloud waiting to darken the view..."

Excerpt from An Ode To Persuasive Images by Corinna Ripps