Kristen Anderson Lanzer


Artist's statement...

My mission as an artist is to entice the viewers with sensuous objects and then surprise them with the unexpected, in hopes of reflecting the fragility of our existence.

Playful as it appears, my work depicts the elegance of danger. It is derived from the manipulation of common colorful materials often found at popular trade name super stores. In viewing boxes of wires, tubes, dish soap, feathers, and fishing line, one woud think that my workspace is more like an experimental lab than a studio.

Beautiful, funny, or creepy, my abstract work is tactile and emphasizes the essence of the materials it is made from. The scale of my work varies and consists of wall objects and site specific installations. My art work is the result of an ongoing discovery process of intuitive and formal decision making.

Vengeance, 1995-96. Jute, sisal, monofilament line.