My work has always been an exploration of the physical verses the spiritual. In a literal way, through the use of layering materials and paint, I aim to communicate the physical or surface value while, like a Byzantine icon, I aim to use luminosity as a means to convey the abstract, the spiritual, and the mystical. This light element is critical, essential even, as it takes an act of faith to believe in its transcendent power—a central experience thematically of the work.

In my most recent work I explore the concept of home as it exists simultaneously as a tangible object and as an emotion—like the feeling of home.  I am intrigued with how most sacred objects, commonplace in form yet divine in their power, share this enigma as they are used to consecrate earthy articles.

Only after I make a work of art does a truth emerge from the prior illusion. In my recent work a vessel—like entity appears, which in my interpretation, triggers the emergence of an understanding—one that implies a transformation.

Though art—making is far from therapy as a healing tool, it does allow for an analysis of ideas and people, from which I can explore aspects of myself. It presents a way to create a visual personal language, one that will communicate my beliefs to others and to share with them my sense of beauty.

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