Eugenie, 2005
Injet print
16 x 22 inches

(detail), 2006
Mixed media
Dimensions variable

My work deals with the imbalances of power—the human, the cultural, and the geopolitical. I focus my passion for justice on beauty in the absence of power. The veil in my work is a symbol of modesty, a retention of tradition, a lush landscape, an exotic headdress, and a marker of boundaries. I want to seduce the viewer—while slipping in a dose of bitter political commentary.

Photographs of African Muslim immigrants to the United States romanticized in constructed landscapes, and videotapes of veiled women dancing amid sensual transports, are an installation of my asserted stereotypes of the “native.” This native is designed to confront perceptions of the mass immigration of North Africans into the West.

Since October 2003, I have collected hundreds of news images of grieving Palestinian and Israeli families. I document the name of the victim along with the date and place of killing and burial. These archives merge with footage of tar-laden raindrops to lament and bear witness.

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