Nest of Secret Hovering (detail), 2006 Multimedia installation: suspended chair, video projections with super-8 film excerpted from family footage c.1975, musical saw performance
Dimensions variable

Portraits of Dead Birds (
detail), 2005
Mixed media drawings on found paper, mounted in resurrected frames
Dimensions variable

As an installation and performance artist, I invent haunted dream worlds that echo political and cultural phenomena of past and present. Video, sound and site-specific lighting create an atmosphere of dis-reality. Rescued materials are transformed into props and garments which reveal incomplete evidence of pasts. Emerging from post-industrial waste, pollution and decay, these installation places give refuge to new habitations of marginal hybrid species. Mythical androgen creatures stem from cracks and crevices as drawings and performance characters. Their bodies are often scarred, bandaged and modified through plastic surgeries and transfigurations that abandon notions of gender and identity. By performing improvisationally and collaboratively within these installations, I myself become a Utopian gutter creature.

Public performances, interventions, murals and collaborations are modes that I employ to engage viewers in multi-sensory dialogs. Working resourcefully and sustainably while establishing and maintaining art practices beyond the context of industry and popular culture is integral to my approach. Exchanges with artists and communities in local and international settings are a crucial element of my work.

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