Everyday Problems , 2003-04
Tissue paper, paper, glue, cardboard
, polystyrene, wire
28 x 40 x 22 inches

My self-portraits act as grotesque effigies to my anxieties, insecurities, and vices. Quirky and awkward, beautiful in their artlessness, my work makes light of these darker issues. Loosely autobiographical, my work transcends my own self-involved and destructive reality. Using abnormal scale, distorted anatomy, and specific suggestions of form, color, and texture, I twist these fears and shortcomings into a universal fiction.

I sculpt with paper because of its economical and malleable nature. I have discovered that in many ways I have more control with paper than with other sculptural media. There are no molds, no firings, or other variables to interfere with the finished product. This level of control in my process of [making [creation?] makes up for the lack of control in my own life.

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