Accretion with Carport , 2004 - 05
5 x 10 x 18 feet

My work combines a spontaneous building process with an interest in architecture. Buildings and groups of buildings are materializations of human decisions, coupled with natural cycles of growth and decay. A red farmhouse becomes a water-bottling facility, and a three-story stainless-steel tank is added. As the business grows, an enormous steel building, also red, is added, which now dwarfs the original crumbling structure. A uniform row of staunch 1950s brick ranch houses with their quiet, low hip roofs lies within a sprawl of 1850s Victorians in various stages of decay.

The endless supply of architectural instances such as these––how they look, how they function, and what they mean––permeates my work. My sculptures evolve much as architecture evolves, always in response to the purpose of the moment and always in response to what is already there.

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