Fetishize My Politics, 2005
Paper, electronics and sound
Dimension Variable

Often, I wake up at 9am . I climb out from under the warmth of my down comforter, never thinking what it would be like to wake up at 6, to work an intolerable job. Worse would be to not have slept at all, due to stress, mental disorder, or fear for safety-- a fate that some endure as I take advantage of social affiliations and privileges.

Using interactive video, robotic photographs, synaptic thoughts, and images of myself performing autonomous actions, I simultaneously disassemble and examine how complacency is manifested in my own autonomous social interactions. Digitally manipulated conversations in which I record my own voice in multiple personas form the auditory subtext of my work. On the surface these conversations sound deeply personal but upon extended listening, they reveal nothing. The robotic, videogame quality of the dialogue suggests an insurmountable marginalization of authentic feeling. My motivation to dismantle and reveal the falsehoods in this marginalization underscores the need to dismantle larger power structures that foster complacency, suppress desire, and trivialize dissent.

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