Aliens, Indians and Slugs Party Scene, 2005
Oil on canvas
11 feet 7 inches x 7 feet 8 inches

As I produce large paintings, movie loops, resin relief, and sound bites, I am also painting a picture on one hundred one-dollar bills. The large paintings are filled with manic vibrations and color. As I paint on my canvas, I want my art to be perceived as beautiful and fresh, so as to be questioned, whether it is pretty or even cool at all.

Starting points for my most recent works include prehistoric creatures, social scenes, tattoo line work, bombs falling, children’s toys, graffiti, dragon wings, my face drowning in resin, and the blinking of an eye. When using oil paint, I camouflage groupings of life experiences in light and color to mask what is really in the picture.

A person or an object can look like someone or something that it really isn’t. This type of work reveals a level of flakiness and flamboyance tied together by the layering of oil paint line work. By doing this, I am showing my visual perception of my generation’s reflection of Western society.

I see the artist as a visual entertainer. My goal is to take the mind to another place by controlling a given environment with my art.

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