The contents of my portfolio were created through the use of multiple media sources and elements of interpretation. My repertoire grew as I discovered the various ways in which media interact with each other, and began using my new knowledge base in order to ascertain which combinations could be used together to achieve a specific result. I was continually increasing my insight into combining media to meet the needs of a particular project or assignment, while at the same time uncovering the best ways to incorporate my own artistic vision. It is the passion in the process that is demonstrated in these works.

The central themes accompanying my most recent works revolve around bridging the gap between the world of technology and computers and the world of fine art. I believe that the act of combining the logical world of computer technology with the unbridled creativity of fine art, works effectively to create an interestingly beautiful and complex series of imagery that can captivate and intrigue a broad audience. No longer does art hang on a wall or sit still in a gallery, but instead can walk and talk, and interact with its' audience. With the assistance of computer graphics and video, a striking and complex display of images can be combined and intertwined with fine art to create a deeper image, increasing the impact it has on the viewer.

It has become my focus as an artist to use these new technological tools, combined with traditional methods of creation, to bring new imagery into life. My motivation to create new works stems from my own internal desire to create, combined with my wish to contribute my message and talents as a member of the art community, while supporting myself with my work. I seek to continue expanding as an artist professionally, continuing to be a part of a movement which continues to push the boundaries of fine art through manipulation and exploration of the newest in computer and production technology.

I am intrigued by the various ways in which the tradition of printmaking and photography can be manipulated through the use of computer technology. I believe my knowledge of and experience working with computer technology, coupled with a willingness to learn and experiment, have combined with my experience in fine art, to create a product of optimum quality and longevity. The preservation of my works has also been a central theme throughout my under- and post- graduate studies. I take great consideration with both the quality and the presentation of my work. Great care is taken to ensure that the finished product is not only stimulating to the mind and pleasing to the senses, but also that each piece has been carefully preserved to stand the test of time. Digital medium has also given me, as the artist, the possibility of infinite translations without the loss of quality. The result is that digital and computer technology mediums have been heavily favored in the work that follows.

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