A View (The Fate of Evolution) (detail), 2003
Plastic Army men, plexiglas mirrors, medium-density overlay board, steel, assorted hardware, enamel paint, variable dimensions

Peace will only come through broad social change. Violence begets violence; call it societal physics. We lost over three thousand people to a faceless enemy. So now we fight a pre-emptive war for peace. Misguided intelligence has turned liberation into occupation. Now close to eleven thousand Iraqis have died. Left with no army in which to enlist, Iraqis become a new enemy, but faceless. I fear it doesn’t matter who wins in the fall. We cast our vote at the gas station and in the mall. The products we buy, support the companies that control the government, that orders our soldiers. Liberal or conservative, we’re all capitalists. I am too. I buy products produced in sweatshops and sold by Wal-Mart to make my art work. Work that expresses my perspective, but also the way I live.

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