Relax, 2004
acrylic and latex on panel
60 x 48 inches


Images captured via searching fascinate Hubble telescope photos, micro-biology slides, and satellite pictures of Earth. I enjoy finding and photographing worn surfaces on buildings, signs and spots where paint has weathered, broken down, cracked and flaked off. The surviving top layer compels me to dig deeper to discover the history underneath. Echoing this investigative spirit, I weave together a build-up-and-destroy process of painting with a mask-and-expose strategy of design.

Using a combination of latex and acrylic paints and through much experimentation, I have developed a system that combines layering, resisting, cracking, scraping, and sealing. Synthesizing the system with my quirky and unpredictable use of color results in a
contemporary space that walks the line between surface and depth.

This world I am creating seems both familiar and like something you have never seen before. The visual language is rooted in our physical world, but through the complexity of the process, the image points toward a realm of exploration, imagination, and discovery. Along my search I find that careful looking leads to contemplation. The world is broken and yet beautiful. Let your eyes wander and the mind will follow.

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