(detail. video still), 2003.
Wood, LCD monitors, DVD players, video projector, color prints, plexiglas, light fixtures, wiring, hardware
13 x 6 x 8 feet

I am interested in the act of revealing and of emergence. In my work I create a world where it is safe to be expressive. Using my body as a vehicle for expression, I stage psychologically charged events and document them with photography and video. These events give me a structure from which spontaneous activity can emerge; activity that reflects my internal ambivalence about letting others in. While I long to connect to the world at large, this connection is tempered by my desire to protect myself. Access is allowed, then denied, and vice versa.
My desire to reveal more of myself has led me from working metaphorically in sculpture to also working more directly in photography and video performance. It is my intention to discover my inner world by externalizing it in an ongoing drama. Working intuitively with sculpture, video, and photography, I create physical and psychological barriers, as well as points of access. My work strikes a balance between attraction and repulsion, vulnerability and self preservation.