Film Series

A Monday evening film series coordinated by Professor Mark Raider will be held in Lecture Center 20 at 7:15 PM. This series is free and open to the public and made possible, in part, by the generous support of the Schenectady Jewish Community Center.



January 26
Image Before My Eyes

February 2
(England, Thames Television/BBC, 1975, English)

February 9
Yidl With His Fiddle
(Poland, Green and Nowina-Przyblyski, 1936, Yiddish w/English subtitles)

February 23
The Wansee Conference
(West Germany, Schirk, 1987, German w/English subtitles)

Sunday, March 1, Noon – 4:00 PM
Recital Hall, Performing Arts Center
Film: Architecture of Doom followed by a dialogue between Susan Erony (exhibiting artist and visiting faculty) and U/A Anthropology Department faculty member Dr. Walter Zenner, author of Minorities in the Middle: A Cross-Cultural Analysis, SUNY Press (1991) and co-editor of Jews Among Muslims, New York University Press (1996). Refreshments will be served.

March 2
Europa, Europa
(West Germany, Holland, 1991, German w/English subtitles)

March 9
Au Revoir Les Enfants

March 23
The Partisans of Vilna
(USA, Waletsky and Kempner, 1985, English)

March 30
Shop on Main Street
(Czechoslovakia, Kadar and Klos, 1965, Czeck w/English subtitles)

April 6
America and the Holocaust: Deceit and Indifference
(USA, WGBH Boston, 1994, English)

April 13
Exodus 1947
(USA, Rogers and Henson, 1996, English)

April 20
The Pawnbroker

April 27
The Eighty-first Blow

May 4
Nasty Girl
(West Germany, Verhoeven, 1990, German w/English subtitles)