omehow, it seems to take about forty years for survivors to come to terms with their personal Holocaust experiences. It took me just over forty years to return to the places in western Slovakia where I was hidden as a child. Ever since that trip, I have been working out my feelings about this part of my past through images on canvas and paper.

    The painting in this exhibition depict the dark hiding places in which I was confined with my parents and brother. In each of these works, I introduced a seemingly paradoxical infusion of light, which may represent the remarkable fact that my immediate family survived intact. What it surely represents, however, is that the experience of people like Jan Velicky, the man most responsible for saving us, serves as a beacon of hope in the most desperate times. For me, being able to confront these space, as they are now and as I remember them, made me realize the extent to which I have already made peace with my past.

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