Reachievement of the centrifugal Pacific monument, 2003
Ink and gouache on paper
34 x 72 inches
Courtesy Jack Hanley Gallery, San Francisco




San Francisco-based artist Shaun O’Dell employs a tightly honed drawing style that melds the charm of nineteenth-century folk art with the linear precision of contemporary blueprints. He serves up a host of American history references in large-scale inkand-gouache drawings that read like old-fashioned schoolboy primers conceived
through CAD. Modeled portraits of pilgrims and frontiersman float above quirky schematic drawings of bridges, oil derricks, and irrigation systems,while mastodons, falcons, and whales hunker on the sidelines. Calling into question America’s legacy of conquest, O’Dell traces a clear-cut path leading back to times no less culpable than our own in their exploitation of natural resources in the name of human progress.

Shaun O'Dell
Born 1968 Beeville, Texas. Lives in San Francisco, California.
O'Dell has had recent solo exhibitions at Jack Hanley Gallery in San Francisco (2004) and New Image Arts in Los Angles (2001). Selected group exhibitions include Majority Whip at White Box in New York (2004); Storyline at New Langton Arts in San Francisco (2004); New Acquisitions Show at San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (2003); and International Paper at UCLA Hammer Museum in Los Angeles (2003).