Central Avenue (Span), 2003
Ink on paper
30 x 42 inches
Courtesy Black & White Gallery, Brooklyn




Leigh Tarentino lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. Many of her large-scale blackand-white ink drawings are derived from photographs of Albany,where she grew up. Unlike the early twentieth-century Precisionist vision of the bustling metropolis, Tarentino turns her eye toward the flip side of American progress. Her generic views of street intersections, traffic lights, criss-crossing telephone wires, and down-at-the-heel businesses convey the palpable sense of emptiness that surrounds places passed through
on the way to somewhere else. For Tarentino, these washed-up landscapes are much more than the surface sum of their parts. By confounding the conventions of perspective through intricate linear distortions and skewed spatial effects, her drawings imbue the most ordinary sites with a sense of complexity and wonderment.

Leigh Tarentino
Born 1968 Albany, New York. Lives in Brooklyn, New York.
Tarentino recently had her first solo exhibition at Black & White Gallery in Brooklyn, New York (2004). Her work has been featured in group exhibitions at Rotunda Gallery in Brooklyn, New York (2004), HERE Gallery in New York (2001), and Schroeder Romero Gallery in Brooklyn, New York (2001).