When I Grow Up to Be a Man,2003
Color pencil, graphite
11 x 10 inches
Collection of Steven Isoz, New York




New York-based artist David X. Levine is a synesthete who hears music as color. From
Howlin’Wolf to Sonic Youth, Levine doesn’t miss a beat in connecting his passion for drawing to his unique relationship with music. Ranging from six to sixty inches in size, his vibrant mandalas are densely rendered in black ink and color pencil. Spinning across the page with the rhythmic force of a DJ’s record machine, these mandalas— radiant, restrained, abbreviated, right on target— transcend time in their mission to “take you higher.” The emblematic, folk-like quality of his work belies a sophisticated knowledge of traditional drawing practices. Through a complex layering of color wash and repeated pattern,
Levine’s finished drawings exude an uncompromising precision and idiosyncratic
authority that is totally in sync with the rock-and-roll legends he salutes.

David X. Levine
Born 1962 Boston, Massachusetts. Lives in New York, New York.
Levine's solo exhibitions include Recent Drawings at OSP Gallery in Boston (2003) and Teenage Symphonies to God at Cynthia Broan Gallery in New York (2002). His work has been featured in group shows at McKenzie Fine Art in New York (2004); Bodybuilders & Sportsmen in Chicago (2003); Kunstverein Firma in Linz, Austria (2003); and Gallery Lombardi in Austin, Texas (2003).