Home, 1996 (detail)

Lynn Talbot is a painter and sculptor who frequently employs objects or shaped forms as the structure on which her subjects are painted. Many of these objects possess an inherently intimate scale, and the way the paintings are created on them creates a near-conspiratorial bond with the viewer, who has the sensation of entering a distinctly private realm. Often this is expressed by limiting the painted area of a work to a very small area, but allowing that section to literally burst into imagery which in turn contrasts sharply with the surrounding surface. In some of her recent sculptures, Talbot has begun to employ modified furniture designs, which allow her to present the works themselves as pedestrian objects with their own secret areas of representation. These object-pieces are not usually painted, but they do reveal a use of other kinds of details (crystal doorknobs, elaborate pullchains) that carefully dissolve the boundaries between painterly detail and the cabinetmakerís precise and utilitarian art.

(excerpt from Dan Cameron's catalog essay, click to see full text)