Memory and Mourning:

September 21-November 9, 1997

University Art Museum
University at Albany, State University of New York

Public Opening Reception:
Sunday, September 21, 1-4 PM

an installation


artist's statement




Catalog Essayists:
Few human experiences are as powerful and universal and even fewer impact our lives so significantly as those related to the death and mourning... 





Elaine Emmanuel
Constant Companion, 1996
found objects
5 feet 3 inches

Few human experiences are as powerful and universal and even fewer impact our lives so significantly as those related to the death and mourning of family members, significant others and public figures. Through the use of historical and contemporary art and artifacts from differing civilizations, Memory and Mourning: Shared Cultural Experience will provide opportunities for viewers and participants to explore and expand their understanding and appreciation of the many diverse and common ways in which grief and loss can be expressed and lives commemorated.

This will be accomplished not only by the visuals in the exhibition itself, which include art (painting, sculpture, drawing, photography); text (poetry, prose, etc.); gravestone rubbings; memorabilia (mourning jewelry, etc.); memorials (AIDS quilt, funerary statuary); but also by dividing the exhibition installation into several thematic sections.


•Contemporary Artists Process Grief and Loss




Participating Artists:

Roger Anliker
Serdar Arat
Andrew Boardman
Kevin Bubriski
Richard Callner
Vito Cannizzaro
Elaine Emmanuel
David Formanek
Tara Fracalossi
Allen Grindle
Marina Gutierrez
Carol Hamoy
Hermitage des Artistes
Marta Jaremko
Tammy Tarbell-Boehning
Larry Kagan
Ellsworth Kelly
Harold Lohner
Peter Marshal
Bradley McCallum
Duane Michals
Alberto Morgan
Joanna Osburn-Bigfeather
Ernesto Pujol
Lilo Raymond
George Rickey
William B. Schade
Charles Schmidt
Gail Skudera
William Wilson

•The Funeral

•The Cemetery

•Albany Rural Cemetery


•Community Expression of Grief
(draping of State Street)

•Vietnam Memorial

•AIDS Quilt

•Gravestone Inscriptions/Images

•Angel of the Sepulcher•Death in the Victorian Era
(Hair ornamentation, post-mortem photographs, memento mori, jewelry, etc.)


•Altars and Installations
(Buddhist/Nigerian/Haitian/Native American/Guatemalan)

West Gallery:
Objetos del ausentes
October 21 through November 9
Antonio Martorell will be exhibiting a recent series of memento mori drawings within an installation collaboration with students from the Latin American/Caribbean Studies Department.

In addition, a series of ancillary programs are part of the project, which include a Faculty Lecture Series; a Teachers Guide for 3-10 grades; and a special academic course in the Anthropology Department. There will also be a concert on Sunday, November 3, Transfiguration given by Max Lifchitz of the University at Albany Music Department.


Lenders to the Exhibition:

Albany Institute of History & Art
Grayce and Jarka Burian
Catholic Charities (Saratoga)
Companion Starä Memorials
Jessie and Daniel Farber
Phyllis Galembo
Guatemalan Cultural Affairs Office
Linda LeTendre
Frances and David Martin
Paul Monshin Naamon
New York State Museum
Linda Pershing
Rensselaer County Historical Association
Norman Rice
The Shaker Museum, Chatham, New York
Carla Sofka
Doug and Jeannette Windham

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