Exhibition Tour

Mary Adams
Eppie Archuleta
Louise Bourgeois
Leonora Carrington
Muriel Castanis
Elizabeth Catlett
Fay Chandler
Clyde Connell (1901-1998)
Ruth Duckworth
Helen Frankenthaler
Grace Hartigan
Margo Hoff
Lois Mailou Jones (1905-1998)
Gladys Lander
Edna G. Lazaron
Agnes Martin
Agueda Martinez
Ruth Nivola
Pat Passlof
Beverly Pepper
Lilo Raymond
Beatrice Riese
Clare Romano
Elsie Tsosie Sandoval
Miriam Schapiro
Elizabeth T. Scott
Sylvia Sleigh
May Stevens
Toshiko Takaezu
Lenore Tawney
June Wayne
Beatrice Wood (1893-1998)

Celebrating the strength and resolve of thirty-two women artists, ranging in age from 70 to 95 years, who have persevered throughout the twentieth century and created a visual legacy for the future millennia.

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