Muriel Castanis, Euphoria, 1993. Cloth, epoxy, Styrofoam. 102x45x50 inches.

Born in 1928 in New York City.

Unlike traditional marble sculpture, Euphoria, Castanis' tribute to a goddess, creates a sensation of floating. Castanis began using materials such as epoxy and resin after years of experimenting at home with rags and Elmer's glue.

Although she was involved with women artists' groups in the early part of her career, Castanis felt she could not participate in the organizing and meetings such membership required. In a recent interview, she expresses optimism about women in the art world: "I think the barrier has been broken. I don't think galleries have to apologize any longer for having a female artist; they don't have to make her look special to join the ranks of art."

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