Agueda Martinez , Northern Skies, 1994. 100% wool, natural dyes. 56 1/2x37 inches.

Born in 1898 in Chamita, New Mexico.

Agueda Martinez learned to weave rag rugs at age twelve from an elderly neighbor. She continued to hone her expertise until weaving became a source of income and inspiration. She makes her own dyes from plants and flowers, adding to the original color in the stripe and diamond-shape design of her tapestries such as Northern Skies.

Martinez constantly invents new designs for her work. She says, "There is no one that can beat me at weaving because it's what I live for. It's the most important thing that I do."

Martinez comments on how the art of weaving can be devalued by the younger generation of men: "I have ten children. My daughters all weave, and my granddaughters. And some of my grandsons, only they don't want to weave because they think it's women's work. But it's not women's work. It's men's also. That's how you make money."

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