Agnes Martin , Praise, 1976. Rubber stamp print, edition 1000. 16 3/8x16 5/16 inches.

Born in 1912 in Maklin, Saskatchewan.

Praise is one of Agnes Martin's many configurations of the grid--an almost life-long dedication to the Minimalist form. Martin was considered a member of the Minimalists, artists who came to prominence in the 1960s New York art scene. However, her work differed conceptually: it was anti-intellectual and intensely spiritual, and her grids represent meditative reflections based on Taoism. For years, Martin worked only in black, white, and occasionally brown.

Praise appeared after a ten-year hiatus in the Southwest, which led her to introduce light shades and background color to her grids. By using the rubber stamp technique, Martin further removes the hand (and ego) of the artist from the image.

Martin has avoided the feminist movement, just as she has avoided any overtly political topics. She once said, "It is not the role of the artist to worry about life--to feel responsible for creating a better world."

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