Edna G. Lazaron, Memorial: A Woman's View, 1993. Mixed media collage. 21 3/4 x 19 3/4 inches.

Born 1924 in Norfolk, Virginia.

Memorial: A Woman's View addresses the Civil War, slavery, and racism. This work was inspired by the discovery of a bill of sale for a slave named Nancy for the year 1838 in the amount of $60. The document was found on an old plantation near Danville, Virginia where the artist's uncle lived. Photographs of the buildings on the estate are included in the work that protests against slavery and war and their effect on women.

Lazaron's extensive range of work expresses her continuous enthusiasm for the power of art. Her work reflects on themes of illness, aging, and travel as well as concerns for the environment and increased terrorism. She has experimented with many media, such as raku, sewing, collage, painting, watercolor, appropriated imagery, and artists' books.

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