Moon Princess, 1987
collage, casein and color pencil on Rives paper
12 x 17 inches
Collection of the Albany Institute of History & Art
Gift of Georgina D. Williams

Robert Cartmellís "painstaking research and ten year dedication to roller coasters almost cost him his job and led him to question his work as an artist. ëI was at odds with both my university teaching and my career as an artist, but I realized that if I didnít complete these roller coaster ideas at this point in my life, I would feel a loss and disappointment with the rest of my years.í After finishing a major book, called The Incredible Scream Machine : A History of the Roller Coaster in 1986, Cartmell refocused his energies on his art. And after years of trying to separate his passion for roller coasters from his art, they united. His roller coaster images, depicted like Rembrandt with cross-hatches, sometimes take center stage, or are tucked away in corners. This release of energy, allowing him to combine his obsession with his passion, enabled him to explore the conflicts between his successful realization of a childhood fantasy and work as an artist."