Left: Guaguanco, 2001
Etched transfer painting with oil
18 x 24 inches

Right: Havana Blue, 1998
Oil on canvas
48 x 60 inches

Left: Blue Rumba, 2001
Glass transfer painting
44 x 46 inches

Right: Now is the Time, 2001
Etched transfer painting
24 x 18 inches


Left: Improvisation in Brown, 2001
Collograph with pastel
20 x 24 inches

Right: Out There, 2001
Etched transfer painting with oil
18 x 24 inches


MARCH 20 - APRIL 21, 2002


For years now, in clubs, I have been sketching Jazz musicians performing, and I fill sketchbooks with gesture drawings of these artists making Jazz. Using these drawings as a starting place, I abstract from them, often employing a multi-point perspective and/or perspectives from different moments to give visual expression to the movement and connectedness of the music.

Jazz is America's most important contribution to international culture, and it is my hope that my work contributes in some way to the appreciation of Jazz.

I am interested in music of all cultures, and in the human figure moving through music in dance. It is my intention in my artwork to create a figurative, sensual, and visual art form.
--Wren Panzella