MISSION STATEMENT      The primary mission of the University Art Museum is public service and education which supports the academic core curriculum and Mission Statement of the University at Albany.

The museum is a place for the exhibition of art and artifacts that reflect the diversity of contemporary peoples, cultures, life experiences and societal issues.  Through its exhibitions, lectures, sponsored symposia, Web Site, film and video showings, the museum affords opportunities for interdisciplinary collaborations with faculty, students and members of a larger community, both regional and global.

The museum's program of developing the University's collections of contemporary art serves the artistic community, supporting living artists by preserving, collecting and exhibiting their work.  This support creates a resource for enrichment through loans and exhibitions from these collections as well as helping to provide an environment which sustains regional artists.  

Most essentially, the museum itself is a place for sustained informal self-directed learning.  The experience is voluntary and may provide a moment of reflection or a chance discovery that moves the visitor in a lasting way.

 Thank You! Every artist who enters this annual event, whether selected for exhibition or not, contributes to its success, and to the reputation of the Mohawk Hudson Region as an active and vital arts community.

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 image:  RICHARD CALLNER Mohawk Hudson Confluence, 1997
ink brush drawing 8 x 10 inches