Keith Edmier : & Episode 1

July 10 - September 21, 2008

Keith Edmier, known for his elegiac sculptures and installations based on childhood memory curates an exhibition of autobiographical objects and ephemera that have influenced his early aesthetic development. Featured objects include masks and prosthetics from the legendary special effects makeup artist, Rick Baker, as well as archival material from children's television shows based in Chicago during the 1970s including Bozo's Circus, Gigglesnort Hotel, and The Ray Rayner Show.

Steve DiBenedetto and Keith Edmier have been friends for many years; their studios are in the same building in mid-town Manhattan. Although disparate in their approach to making art, they share certain concerns including an interest in how popular culture and media images insinuate themselves into our unconscious.


Keith Edmier & Episode 1
2008, softcover, 32 pages, 8 ¼ x 10 ¾ inches, 20 color images.  Introduction by Corinna Ripps Schaming, narration by Jade Dellinger.  Editioned book signed and numbered by artist.
ISBN: 9780910763363
Price: $23