Submit a Proposal

Guidance for Developing a Proposal 

Professional, Adult & Continuing Knowledge (PACK) works with departments that issue microcredentials by: 

  • Providing guidance on how to develop microcredential programs 

  • Approving and implementing microcredential programs

  • Connecting faculty with employers who want to help their staff expand their skillsets

  • Maintaining a website about UAlbany’s microcredentialing program that includes a University-wide catalog of microcredentials

  • Helping design and create the digital badge that will be posted on Credly Acclaim

Please contact PACK at [email protected] if you need assistance.

The Microcredential Review Committee uses a Microcredential Proposal Review Rubric to review proposals. We recommend using the rubric as a resource as you develop your proposals.

Types of Microcredentials 

Microcredentials should fall into one or more of these three categories: 


Evidence of Learning 

Digital badges are effective as resume builders in part because they are tangible evidence of learning. To earn a microcredential and its corresponding badge, students must submit that evidence. 

Student Privacy: Since the evidence required to earn a badge must be posted publicly online, students must be allowed to opt out of earning a microcredential. Students who don’t submit the evidence won’t earn the microcredential or the corresponding badge, but they will earn course credit, when appropriate, for completing the assignment. 

Types of Evidence: When microcredentials are built into a course, one of the designated competency-based assignments may be used as evidence. If you plan to offer skills or continuing education badges that are not built into courses, you’ll need to outline a plan for assessment and determine how participants will create physical evidence that they have obtained a skill or competency. 

Credly Acclaim accepts images, videos, audio files, documents and links to be uploaded as evidence. Here are some examples of course work that fall into those categories: 

  • Infographics 

  • Presentation slides 

  • Videos of presentations 

  • Research papers and white papers 

  • Case studies 

  • Completed questionnaires 

  • Interviews 


Submit a Proposal 

Faculty and staff who want to offer microcredentials must complete a Proposal Form and an Administrative Intake and Resources Form. Submit these forms and any supporting documents to [email protected]