Career Pathways

These microcredentials are offered to current UAlbany undergraduate and graduate students as part of existing credit-bearing courses and/or non-credit experiences.  

What are Career Pathways?

Career Pathways are mapped to interdisciplinary skills and competencies desired in a professional field and generally include academic courses and experiential learning. Examples include eSports and Astro/Particle Physics.

Each program offers assignments tailored to the skills and competencies needed in that professional field. Career Pathways stack into degree or certificate programs and give students an opportunity to showcase industry recognized skills and competencies to future employers or graduate schools. 


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Astro/Particle Physics
Digital badge for Astro/Particle Physics

Level: Undergraduate students 

Instruction Method: In-person  

Earners of this microcredential will acquire competencies in the interdisciplinary fields of astro/particle physics, general relativity and cosmology, and develop skills to create computational models to solve complex physics problems and generate data.  

Through analysis and study to create research papers and presentations, students addressed critical problems and research within these modern fields using critical thinking and non-linear problem-solving skills.  

Sign up: This microcredential is offered by the Department of Physics. To learn more, please contact the Department of Physics at [email protected] or 518-442-4501

Digital Badge for eSports

Level: Undergraduate students 

Instruction Method: In-person 

Earners of the eSports microcredential gain an understanding of eSports and the digital gaming ecosystem and a perspective of traditional sports in society.  

Participants engage in hands-on experience by working as interns for a large eSports gaming facility for 100+ players and improving their communication skills, critical thinking, resourcefulness and adaptability, which can be used to further their careers. 

Sign up: This microcredential is offered by the College of Emergency Preparedness, Homeland Security, and Cybersecurity (CEHC). To learn more, please contact the CEHC Dean’s Office at [email protected] or 518-442-5258

Improvement Science Leadership
Digital badge for Improvement Science Leadership

Level: Graduate students 

Instruction Method: Online  

The earner of this microcredential is a leader and practicing professional who can engage in systemic improvement initiatives. This earner can act as a change agent and galvanizer for improvement in their organizational settings. Settings typically include education and other social sector organizations.   

Sign up: This microcredential is offered by the School of Education's Department of Educational Policy & Leadership.