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What are micro-credentials? 

Whether you’re a current student or a working professional, micro-credentials will help you develop new, relevant and demonstrable skills that can give you an edge in a competitive job market. 

Micro-credentials at the University at Albany are a collection of courses and experiences that teach industry-aligned skills and competencies, which are documented by digital badges. 

Being able to clearly articulate your skills means you’ll be better positioned to bridge the gap between college and career, or between your current job and your dream job. You can also stack micro-credentials into larger skill sets and credentials.


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What are digital badges? 

Digital badges, which can be shared with current and potential employers, demonstrate the completion of a micro-credential program and are issued on the online credentialing platform Credly Acclaim

These badges are more than just a visual icon — they're evidence that you’ve learned specific professional skills. Badges link to the actual work you completed to earn the micro-credential. 

Each badge earned is another chance to digitally share and celebrate an accomplishment with your network.


How do UAlbany's programs work? 

Our programs are developed using established faculty governance processes, overseen by the Center for Experiential Education and endorsed by UAlbany, so the skills you learn are portable, meaningful and high quality.  

The programs are offered at the undergraduate or graduate level, or as an opportunity for continuing education, to both matriculated and non-matriculated students. Many are conveniently offered online.

Micro-credentials motivate students to complete their degree, help all learners prepare for their career and support lifelong learning in our community. Many employers will even reimburse employees for educational programs that help workers learn new skills. 


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UAlbany is committed to offering micro-credentials that are industry-aligned — including developing micro-credentials that directly match our community and industry partners' workforce needs.

If you’re interested in partnering with UAlbany to create a micro-credential suited to your organization’s needs, please contact Debra R. Gelinas, Assistant Vice Provost of Applied Learning, at [email protected]



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