University at Albany

Research in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the University at Albany


We have research groups in the following areas. Please follow the links to their pages.

Algebra, Combinatorics and Number theory

Dr. Cristian Lenart Dr. Antun Milas Dr. Anupam Srivastav
Dr. Alexandre Tchernev Dr. Changlong Zhong


Dr. Ivana Alexandrova Dr. Marius Beceanu Dr. Yunlong Feng Dr. Joshua Isralowitz Dr. Charles Micchelli Dr. Michael Stessin Dr. Rongwei Yang Dr. Yiming Ying Dr. Kehe Zhu

Geometry and Topology

Dr. Justin Curry Dr. Boris Goldfarb Dr. Steven Plotnick
Dr. Mark Steinberger Dr. Marco Varisco Dr. Matthew Zaremsky

Probability and Statistics

Dr. Martin Hildebrand Dr. Karin Reinhold Dr. Carlos Rodriguez Dr. Malcolm Sherman