University at Albany

PhD dissertations defended in the Department since 1972


(The name in parentheses is the thesis advisor.)

Dow Keiko (Wilken)
May 2010
Extreme and Non-Extreme Points of Compact And Convex Integral Family of Analytic Functions

Kronholm J. Brandt (Milas)
May 2010
On Congruence Properties of p(n,m)

Tsakiri Katerina (Zurbenko)
May 2010
Effect of Noise in Principal Component Analysis with An Application to Ozone Pollution

Savvopoulou Anna (Reinhold)
May 2009

Wedrychowicz Christopher (Reinhold)
May 2009

Jaiclin Marcus (Lance)
August 2008
Number Theoretic Sequences and the Profinite Completion of Classifying Spaces

Clark Timothy (Tchernev)
May 2008
Poset Resolutions of Monomial Ideals

Madsen Alpheus (Tchernev)
December 2007
Symbolic Powers and Gorenstein Grade-3 Ideals

Orna Miroslav (Goldfarb)
August 2007
The Integral A-Theoretic Novikov Conjecture for Groups With Finite Asymptotic Dimension

Brown Patrick (Stessin)
May 2007
Identity Principles of Inner Functions

Beecher Amanda (Tchernev)
May 2007
Combinatorial Description of a free resolution of a Multigraded Module

Lance Timothy (Goldfarb)
August 2006
Continuous Control and Novikov Conjectures in Exact Non-Split Categories

McCollum Joseph (Hildebrand)
May 2006
Random Walks on the Dihedral Group and Abelian Groups

Kures Osman (Zhu)
December 2004
The Bergman Projection and Related Integral Operators on the Unit Ball in C^n

Kelley Amy (Stessin)
May 2004
Blaschke Products, Inner Functions with Finite Spectrum and Operators Similar to a Contraction

Olsen Darlene (Reinhold)
August 2003
The Spectrum of Z^d-Actions in Ergodic Theory

Featherstonhaugh Stephen (Childs)
August 2003
Abelian Hopf Galois Structures on Galois Field Extensions of Prime Power Order

Yang Weisheng (Zhu)
August 2002
The reproducing Kernel of an Invariant Subspace of the Bergman Space

Clark Aaron (Goldstein)
May 2002
Solvability of equations over torsion free groups

Kazas Angeliki (Stessin)
May 2002
Generalized factorization in Hardy spaces

Rocca Charles (Turner)
May 2001
Finite and boundary test elements

Gill Brian (MacGregor)
December 1999
Properties of the Hyperbolic Metric in Planar Domains

Neagu Radu (Zurbenko)
December 1999
High-Resolution Time-Frequency Representaions

Beneteau Catherine (Korenblum)
May 1999
Radial Null Sets of Analytic Functionswith Growth Restrictions

Carswell Brent (Stessin)
May 1999
Wandering property for Bergman submodules over singly generated algebras

Deno Christa (Charalambous)
May 1999
Resolving Multilgraded Modules over Polynomial Rings

Solowiej Jaroslaw (Range)
May 1999
Holder Estimates for the Solutions of the Cauchy-Riemann Equations on Convex Domains of the Finite Type

Johnson Laurie (Turner)
December 1998
Hyperbolicity of One Relator Groups

Sutherland Melissa (Charalambous)
December 1998
Hypersurfaces and Almost Complete Intersections: Resolutions and Poincare Series of Cyclic Modules

Jewett Rumara (Plotnick)
August 1998
The Almost Convexity of a Certain Nilpotent Group

Racquet John (Korenblum)
August 1998
On the Coincidence of Uniqueness and Boundedness Conditions for Classes of Analytic Functions

Jaffrey Marc (Stessin)
May 1998
Beurling Type Theorems for Submodules of the Hardy Space H^2

O'Neill John (Turner)
May 1998
Test Elements in Finitely Generated Groups

Sowizral Mycroft (Plotnick)
May 1998
Growth Functions of DiscreteNon-cocompact Groups of Isometries of the Hyperbolic Plane

Smith Harold III (Childs)
December 1997
Constructing Hopf Orders in elementary abelian group rings

Tse Manyiu (Childs)
December 1997
Hopf Algebra Actions on Elementary Abelian Extensions of Degree p^2

Lambert Peter (Wilken)
August 1997
Extreme Points and Support Points in Bloch Type Spaces

Replogle Daniel (Srivastav)
August 1997
Swan Classes and Realisable Classes for Integral Group Rings Over Groups of Prime Order

Salpukas Michael (Goldstein)
August 1997
Spherical Diagrams and the Solutions of Equations Over Groups

Sterner Michael (MacGregor)
August 1997
Fractional Derivatives and Convolutions of Univalent Functions

Bourgault Steven (Thomas)
May 1997
Problems in Dynamics: Free Homeomorphisms, Invariants and Difference Equations

Evans Richard (Stratton)
May 1997
Bayesian Inference When the Pooling of Data is Uncertain

Mascuilli Augustine (Korenblum)
August 1996
Discrete Phragmen-Lindelof Theorems

Schwartz Kenneth (Plotnick)
August 1996
Groups Generated by Face-Pairing Maps on Polyhedra

Kohl Timothy (Childs)
May 1996
Classification of Abelian Hopf Algebra Forms Acting On Radical Extensions

Panariello James (Korenblum)
May 1996
Growth and Boundedness Conditions for the Stieltjes Moment Problem

Voce Daniel (Turner)
December 1995
Test Words and the Stable Image of an Endomorphism

Holcomb John (Stratton)
August 1995
Estimation and Characterization for Linear Regression Analysis in thePresence of Measurement Error

Luo Donghan (MacGregor)
August 1995
Multipliers of Fractional Cauchy Transforms

McNally Patrick (Hammond)
August 1995
Special Theta Relations

Grossman Eric (Zhu)
May 1995
The Berezin Transform

Koch Alan (Childs)
May 1995
Cyclic Dieudonne Modules, Witt Subgroups, and Their Lifts to Characteristic Zero

Cox Paul Maureen (Childs)
August 1994
The Image of the Picard Invariant Map for Hopf Galois Extensions

Lacey Laurie (Goldstein)
August 1994 Collision and a Theorem of Whitehead

Rice John (Wilken)
August 1994
Continuous Linear Functionals on Compact and Convex Integral Families of Analytic Functions

Sheng Jiaxing (Rodriguez)
August 1994
An Entropic Bayesian Algorithm for Reconstructing Incomplete Poisson Data

Clifford Andrew (Goldstein)
May 1994
Low Genus Surfaces and Combinatorial Group Theory

Fleron Julian (Range)
May 1994
Holder Estimates for the Solution of the Cauchy-Riemann Equations near Weakly Pseudoconvex Boundaries

Hotchkiss Philip (Turner)
May 1994
Extending Techniques in Hyperbolic Group Theory to Certain Non-Positively Curved Groups

Moss David (Childs)
May 1994
Kummer Theory of Formal Groups

Addepalli Venu (Turner)
December 1993
Shift Automorphisms of Free Groups

Perera Kanthi (Jamison)
August 1993
Parameter Estimation for a Sine Wave Whose Frequency Changes Linearly With Time

Cummings Paul (Goldstein)
May 1993
A Bound on Van Kampen Graphs

Madigan Kevin (Zhu)
May 1993
Composition Operators into Lipshitz Type Spaces

Dansereau Andrew (Wilken)
December 1992
General Integral Families and Multipliers

Underwood Robert (Childs)
December 1992
Hopf Algebra Orders over a Complete Discrete Valuation Ring, Their Duals, and Extensions of R-Groups

Al-Grouz Ibrahim (Wilken)
May 1992
Functionals on Univalent Functions and Univalent Polynomial Approximation

Lawrence Deborah (Thomas)
May 1992
Construction and Properties of Transitive Dynamical Systems

Adams Terrence (Friedman)
August 1991
Uniform Sweeping Out

Burke Kevin (Range)
August 1991
Duality of Bergman Spaces on Some Weakly Pseudocovex Domains

Bomash Gregory (Korenblum)
May 1991
Random Analytic Functions, their Zero Sets and Singular Measures

Kim Seok (Wilken)
May 1991
Properties of the Family of Analytic Functions with Subordination Class Determined by Rotations

Weinraub David (Childs)
August 1990
Confinite Induction and Noether's Theorem for Hopf Orders in Group Algebras

Bonner David (Plotnick)
December 1989
Circle Actions on Simply Connected Five Manifolds

Fontaine Anne (Martin)
December 1989
Polyomino Franes and The Heesch Problem

Rajia Abbess (Rodriguez)
December 1989
A New Class of Estimators of the Hazard Rate Fundtion

Hibschweiler Rita (MacGregor)
May 1988
Closure Properties and Convolutions of Families of Analytic Functions

Tennant Raymond (Turner)
May 1988
Relation Space Groups and Swap Equivalence of Presentations

Teymouri Jamal (Goldstein)
May 1988
Geometric Methods in Group Theory

Jinn Jann-Huei (Sedransk)
August 1987
Optimal Two Phase Stratified Sampling for Estimation of the Age Composition of a Fish Population

Rahman Mohammad (Stratton)
August 1987
Computable Reformulations and Extensions of deFinetti's Fundamental Theorem of Probability

Banks Steven (Stratton) May 1987
Omitted Covariates in the Cox Proportional Hazards Model

Kabbaj Noureddine (Turner)
May 1986
Aspherical Group Presentations: Topological Properties, Cohomology Rings, Products and Amalgamations

Hamzah Adnan (Sedransk)
December 1985
Statistical Analysis and Redesign of Crossover Studies With Premature Crossings

Qumsiyeh Intisar (Wilken)
December 1985
Support Points and Quadratic Differentials for the Class S

Chen Chong-Hong (Dickey)
August 1985
Extended Parameterized Families of Multivariate and Matrix Distributions

Lin Jinn-Tyan (Sedransk)
August 1985
Classical and Bayesian Experimental Designs for Spline Models

Wang Chia-hsiang (Sedransk)
August 1985
Bayesian Modeling for Cross Classified Data

Kabbaj Saad (Jamison)
May 1985
Identification of a Sine Wave Perturbed by Weakly Stationary Noise

Hurley Susan (Childs)
December 1984
Tame and Galois Hopf Objects with Normal Bases

Perera Shelton (Wilken)
December 1984
Support Points and Extreme Points of Some Classes of Analytic Functions

Tesser Steven (Childs)
December 1984
On Certain Representations of a Generalized Clifford Algebra

Ali Mirza (Stratton)
August 1984
Test of Equality of Expected Values of Positive Definite Quadratic Forms in Normal Variables

Jiang Jyh-Ming (Dickey)
August 1984
Distributional Properties of Linear Forms in a Dirichlet Vector and Applications

Cupillari Antonella (Range)
May 1984
Inner Functions and Boundaries for H-infinity on Strictly Pseudoconvex domains

Dabrowski Ramual (Haboush)
May 1984
Rationality of the Compact Forms of Semisimple Affine Groups

Ganesan Subramanian (Jenkins)
May 1983
On Amenability of Semigroup of Probability Measures on Topological Groups

Li Lung-An (Sedransk)
May 1983
Decomposition Theorems, Conditional Probability, and Finite Mixture Distributions

Chiu Hui-Yuan (Sedransk)
May 1982
A New Bayesian Approach to Estimating Finite Population Parameters

Ryczaj Jerzy (Range)
August 1981
C-k Estimates for the Cauchy-Riemann Equations on Certain Weakly Pseudoconvex Domains

Song Chwan-Chin (Thomas/Dickey)
August 1981
Covariance Stabilizing Transformations

Samotij Krzysztof (Korenblum)
December 1980
Some Properties of Harmonic Functions With Restrictions on Growth

DeSouza Geraldo (O'Neil)
May 1980
Spaces Formed by Special Atoms

Pearce Kent (Brickman)
May 1980
Support Points and Extreme Points for Several Classes of Analytic Functions

Roby Donald (Hammond)
May 1980
On Certain Maps Between Schwarz-Bruhat Spaces

Leary Francis (Brown)
December 1979
The Functions Chi and Chi n in Generalized Summability

Muhanna Yusuf (MacGregor)
May 1979
Extreme Points and Extremal Problems for Classes of Analytic Functions

Cochrane Paul (MacGregor)
December 1975
Subordinations, Extreme Points and Support Points for Some Families of Univalent Functions

Arovamudhan Renganathan (Jenkins)
May 1974
On Symmetry of Group Algebras of Connected Solvable Lie Groups

Deeb Waleed (Wilken)
May 1974
Maximal Ideals in H-infinity (D) Adherent to an Infinitely Connected Domain

Feng Jinfu (MacGregor)
May 1974
Extreme Points and Integral Mean Estimates for Classes of Analytic Functions

Libera John (Goldstein)
December 1973
Differentiable Quasi-Free-Like Circle Actions On Homotopy Seven Spheres

Mynott Helga (Brickman)
August 1973
Composition Operators on Spaces of Analytic Functions

Stern Charles (Wilken)
August 1973
Function Spaces and Minimal Intersections of Peak Sets

Wagner Clifford (Thomas)
May 1973
Symmetric, Cyclic, and Permutation Products of Manifolds

Hallenbeck David (MacGregor)
May 1972
Convex Hulls and Extreme Points of Some Families of Univalent Functions

Meyers Glenn (Brown)
May 1972
On Toeplitz Sections in PK Space