University at Albany

Graduate Student Seminar Archives

fall 2010:        

1) Welcome to the SUNY Albany Mathematics Program
- Dan Wood and AMI Officers 9/1
2) Latex for Beginners:  How to Write Pretty Tests
- Michael Coleman 9/3
3) Doing Mathematics Without Knowing Mathematics
- Professor Montez Rodriguez  9/29
4) A Preview of Algebraic K-Theory
- Professor Marco Varisco 10/27
5) Infinite Codimension of an Infinite Subspace of L'infinity'(R)
- Francisco Manuel Canto-Martin  11/10
6) Lower Bound Work on the Chung-Diaconis-Graham Random Process
- Rick Neville  12/3
7) Units of a Group Ring
- Michael Coleman  12/8
8) Matrices over the Integers Relating to Groups acting on Graphs
- Ben Atchinson  12/16


Rick NevilleBrandt Kronholm, & Michael Penn
Brandt Kronholm


Ben Atchison
Arthur Lubovsky
Rob Raish


Ted Turner
Art DeGraw, Gabe Holmes & Brandt Kronholm
Gabe Holmes
Keiko Dow
Michael Range
Heekyoung Hahn


Amanda Beecher & Tim Clark
Alphy Madsen
Rob Raish
Marcus Jaiclin
Amanda Beecher
Brandt Kronholm
Anna Savvopoulou
Christian Jason Maier
Nathaniel Friedman
Mark Steinberger
Tim Clark


Tim Clark 
Brandt Kronholm
Joe McCollum


Jason Maier
Amanda Beecher
Boris Goldfarb
Cristian Lenart


Abbe Herzig


Marcus Catlin