University at Albany

Graduate Student Seminar

The purpose of Grad-Seminar is to provide an informal environment, where current and former Mathematics and Statistics graduate students can discuss just about anything relating to their studies.  Grad-Seminar allows students the opportunity to talk freely about their research findings, teaching experiences, Departmental qualms, and post-graduate school concerns with their peers.  We also occasionally invite faculty members from the Department, including their international visitors, to give some insight into their particular field of research.

Grad-Seminar generally meets on Fridays at 2:45 on the first floor of the Earth Science Building.  If you would like more information or might be interested in giving a talk, please contact Carly Anderson at ca488222 @


Fall 2010 Semester Schedule


1) Welcome to the SUNY Albany Mathematics Program
- Dan Wood and AMI Officers 9/1
2) Latex for Beginners:  How to Write Pretty Tests
- Michael Coleman 9/3
3) Doing Mathematics Without Knowing Mathematics
- Professor Montez Rodriguez  9/29
4) A Preview of Algebraic K-Theory
- Professor Marco Varisco 10/27
5) Infinite Codimension of an Infinite Subspace of L'infinity'(R)
- Francisco Manuel Canto-Martin  11/10
6) Lower Bound Work on the Chung-Diaconis-Graham Random Process
- Rick Neville  12/3
7) Units of a Group Ring
- Michael Coleman  12/8
8) Matrices over the Integers Relating to Groups acting on Graphs
- Ben Atchinson  12/16

Abstracts of some of the past talks can be found in the ARCHIVE.