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Calculus Readiness Exam

In order to offer the mathematical training you need, and to maximize your opportunities for success, we offer the calculus readiness exam posted here, to be taken at your convenience prior to your Summer Planning Conference. This test has proved invaluable, both in helping students choose an appropriate first mathematics course, and in identifying need for additional mathematical support for students expecting to take math-intensive courses as part of their studies.

Please print out a copy of the exam before your Planning Conference and take it according to the instructions. After, you can look at the answers (along with a brief explanations) also posted on this web page. Correct the exam, and bring the score (and ideally the exam too) to have available when you meet with your advisor. This test, information in your file and your own input, will help you plan a schedule that best meets your goals and optimizes your likelihood of success. The Department's many options will enable you to choose a course at an appropriate level and pace, with technology best suited to you.

Calculus readiness test

Calculus readiness solutions

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