Sophie Moss

Degree(s) earned and location:
English B.A., Art History minor, SUNY Buffalo, summa cum laude

Research interests:
19th and 20th century science fiction, robotics, and postmodern art theory

Thesis topic:
"Constructing Social History in the Future-bound Novels of H.G. Wells" Sophie's thesis explores H.G. Wells attempts to craft a successful narrative of the predicted future. Focusing on three primary texts (Anticipations, A Modern UtopiaandThe Shape of Things to Come), she argues that these novels are the best platform to articulate his social ideology, even as they craft a new form of history-writing. Her thesis focuses on the narrative structures of Wells' prophetic nonfiction and fiction, and their relation to his socio-political ideology, thereby describing the method by which Wells engages in an authorial process of writing and editing his present and future global reality.