Glyne A. Griffith

Associate Professor
Department of English
Department of Latin American, Caribbean & U.S. Latino Studies

Glyne GriffithSocial Science 250D
(518) 894-6655

Ph.D. University of the West Indies
M.A. University of the West Indies
B.A. City University of New York


Research areas: Post-colonial literary/cultural theory and criticism; Anglophone Caribbean literature.

Professor Griffith attended Harrison College secondary school in Barbados, City University of New York (double major in English and Political Science), and the University of the West Indies (Jamaica Campus). His doctorate was informed by the ways in which Caribbean literature functions ideologically against a historical background of imperialist thought and colonialist practice in the region. One could hardly grow up in the Caribbean and not be intimately aware of the legacies of imperialism and colonialism impacting the archipelago even in the present conjuncture. To Dr. Griffith, literature has always been a profoundly political enterprise both as a practice of European colonial cultural imposition and as a decidedly anti-colonial resistance act on the part of many Caribbean writers. His published work includes titles such as Deconstruction, Imperialism and the West Indian Novel (1996), and the editions Caribbean Cultural Identities (2001) and Color, Hair and Bone: Race in the 21st Century (2008) co-edited Linden Lewis. More recent scholarly articles maintain this focus with titles such as “The Politics of Fiction: George Lamming’s Critique of Imperialist Discourse” (2011) and “Marxism: Reading Class in Anglophone Caribbean Literature” (2011). Dr. Griffith looks forward to working with all students in the Liberal Studies program to nurture in them the same excitement for learning that his instructors over the years have inculcated in him.