Peter Breiner

Associate Professor
Department of Political Science
Rockefeller College of Public Affairs & Policy

Peter BreinerMilne Hall 204
(518) 442-5277

Ph.D.  Stanford University
M.A.   Stanford University
B.A.   Political Science


Research areas: Political theory; Max Weber; political context and language; political ideology

Professor Beiner is the author of Max Weber and Democratic Politics (1996) and numerous articles on Weber and thinkers influenced by Weber such as Karl Mannheim, and Hannah Arendt. This work seeks to recover a moment when political theory was combined with political sociology to produce a sociologically informed account of political judgment. He has also written on Machiavelli with a particular focus on how his textual strategy must remain incomplete because the text is completed in political action. His present work has taken two directions. First he is writing on what counts as “political reality” in the debate over ideal and realist political theory. Second, he is working on a book on the ways different contexts of political conflict shape the meaning of political equality and citizenship and in turn how the struggle for political equality and citizenship shapes various contexts of political conflict. A major claim of this book is that the struggle for political equality and citizenship is unfinished and will remain so.