On-Campus Mail

Mail Services provides interagency mail service to all departments at the University. All on-campus mail must be of a business nature; no personal mail, solicitations or catalogs will be delivered. If a mail piece is determined to be of a personal nature, Mail Services will return it to the sender.

On-campus mail should be sent using brown interagency envelopes whenever possible. If plain white envelopes are used, they must be clearly marked "on-campus" or "OCM" and separated from out-going mail requiring postage. Addressing of on-campus mail should follow the format below for speed of processing and delivery to the recipient:

Building/Room Number

Click here to link to the on-line directory for campus addresses of University faculty and staff.

Deliveries are not made to individual offices within a department, which is why using the departmental office as the building and room identifier speeds delivery. Mail with only the recipient's name will be delayed while the correct address is researched.

Large mailings (over 20 pieces) being distributed to faculty and staff should be labeled and bundled in department order. When requesting labels from the Office of Human Resources Management, please ask that the labels be printed in departmental order.

Mailings to residential students should be prepared in box number order and sorted by quad.

Mail Services delivers mail only and is not responsible for the distribution of supplies, paper, files, furniture, or equipment between offices.