Mail Preparation

The Mail Services staff member delivering mail to departmental offices will pick up any out-going mail that is ready when the stop is made.

Departmental mail must be separated and banded securely in the following seven categories:

  1. On-campus/inter-agency mail
  2. Outgoing domestic mail
  3. Mail for International destinations to include Canada and Mexico
  4. Express (Overnight) mail
  5. Stamped mail
  6. Hand Delivery Service items

If you mail is not prepared with a chargeback form when a Mail Services staff member delivers mail to your office, the outgoing mail may be left behind..

A completed charge-back slip should be attached to out-going mail requiring postage for accurate departmental/grant recharging. Click here to link to the page containing a printable copy of the chargeback form (in MS Word format). Copies may be made of the form as needed.

Click on one of the highlighted links for more information on proper addressing, zip-code look-up, mail preparation, or express mail services.


On-campus or out-going letters requiring sealing should be flapped, i.e., flaps up, one flap over the other, so the metering machines can seal the envelopes. The machines will also accept pre-sealed envelopes if a department wishes to seal mail before sending it to the mailroom. Flat size envelopes cannot be sealed by the machines and should be done by the department before pick-up by Mail Services.

Inter-agency envelopes should be sealed prior to being received in the mail facility. They are not processed on the metering machines and will be mailed as received. If, however, you have a large inter-agency mailing and would like Mail Services to seal the envelopes for you, please attach a chargeback slip to the mailing requesting this service.

Chargeback Slips

A Mail Services chargeback slip, available from the web site, must be affixed to each departmental bundle of mail needing to have postage applied. Click here to link to the page containing a printable copy of the chargeback form (in MS Word Format). Copies may be made of the form as needed. Departments are encouraged to use one chargeback slip per account number, regardless of the number of pieces or classes of mail sent. Mail processing is more efficient when information is combined on fewer slips. The desired class of mail and any special requests (insured, certified, express mail, return receipt, etc.) should be clearly marked on the chargeback slip.

Chargeback slips must be filled out completely and legibly and include a phone number to use in case questions arise about the mailing. Account numbers need to be readable. The slips should be signed by an authorized person in the department.

Detailed Mail Services

For detailed information on USPS, UPS, DHL and International Mail Services, please click here.